Monday, 31 May 2010

Kitsch Cupcakes

The well group year is over with the (approaching) ending of the school year, and I missed the party because of my brother's Court of Honor (which I was happy to attend and very proud of him. He's a Star ranked boy scout, a real leader in his troop and getting ever closer to Eagle! He works hard, that little handsome fellow.).
I'll miss the girls but it's been a stretching and delightful experience since the fall. I've learned so much from working with Mrs. Welkner in leading the group, and been humbled by the girls' insight and love and joy. They are so much fun and some are really...special ;) In a silly way but in reality too, of course.
A few months ago we had an outing to Kitsch Cupcakes on beach road. I've wanted to take Candace since then, and a couple weeks ago we finally made it for a little date. The time with Candace was sweet but I've decided I'm not actually a fan of their cupcakes. I prefer them softer, sweeter, more flavorful, and maybe even chilled. We'll have to find another sister date favorite, and maybe even another cupcake shop!


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Elena said...

What a neat little place. I'm sure the special time with your sister is sweet.