Thursday, 20 May 2010

Dear Sleepyhead

Dear Sunny, when you clean your tail it is the cutest, because you hold it between your paws. Dear florists, why are you so expensive? I am not paying 800 dirhams for my bouquet. Dear Marsik, I hope you become our cat after we are married, because you are the prettiest and fluffiest thing ever. Plus you live with our stylish Russian friends so that really raises your attractiveness. Dear Nicky, you are amazing at taking engagement pictures, even if we had to go back and take more when I was hungry because the sky suddenly turned bright pink. I can't wait to see them. Dear bridesmaids, you are going to get to pick your own dresses, isn't that fun? Dear Leader Hunt, I'm very excited to dress up for you. I'll wear jeans and no one will recognize me. Dear wedding and registry websites, thank you so much for being free, it's very nice of you. Dear Joel, you are my favorite.



erin meagan said...


LeAnna said...

Dear Cait, you are adorable.
I would jump for joy if I were one of your bridesmaids. Hope they realize how blessed they are to get the FUN privilege of picking out their own dresses! I've been a bridesmaid many a time, and have worn some interesting ensembles. ;)

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:) thanks