Wednesday, 12 May 2010

last thursday's prayer

break up my fallow ground, for it is time to seek you (hos. 10:12)
You have given blessing upon blessing and filled my heart with joy. distill all these thoughts into thanksgiving as an offering, and do not let me ever neglect praising you for what you have graciously, abundantly given (not because of righteousness).
o God in the face of happiness i am overwhelmed; keep my wandering heart tethered to your side and seal all my love and hope to Christ. He is so beautiful and i am blind sometimes, and always need your persistent drawing.
Father, to think that i am betrothed to Joel! let that thought never lose its glow, for it is a gift from you and it will always be good and for Your glory.
You have done far above all that i ask, think, imagine, and you will continue to - please continue to, great God.
please bless Joel, call us to pray and to your word, and be pleased with us today.



Anonymous said...

What a lovely sweet prayer..... I will pray the same for the two of you- to grow more in love with the One who brought the two of you together.

Love you!


Shayna said...

Thanks so much for contacting me. :) I posted this under the comment you left on my page, just wanted to make sure you get it. I know I'm bad sometimes about going back to check.

Cait, it is so nice to meet like-minded folks! I saw your comment on Rachel's post and noticed that you're getting married the same day as my brother - what a glorious, joyous season of life!! :) I'm so excited for both you and Joel. I'm glad that God crossed our paths via the blog-o-sphere, and I look forward to staying in touch with you. :)

Dionne said...

Oh this is lovely. And God is so worthy to be praised!

In response to your comment on my guest post at Oh Hello Friend- I unfortunately don't know the name of those flowers. I wish I did too, because I love them! Perhaps you could email the pic to a florist and ask them?

Good luck on your search!