Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I absolutely adore my room. After I painted part of it last year I looked at everything and realised "Oh, this is practically what I would call my dream room." As a homeschooler I spend almost all my time in my room, and now with a laptop I'm in here for the computer as well. I love showing new people my room, or adding new things. Poor Sara had to get used to my constant decorating impulse while she was here; I got this new shelf and was continually moving things around and tearing things down.

The rest of our house is much different, but I can't wait to have
my own home to make pretty and familiar.
What are your houses like?

love, cait


Milkberry said...

Your room is so you, Cait! Whimsical and mysterious!

Lostariel said...

I have to say, I adore your mask.

willynillywaterlily said...

What an eclectic mix of things on your shelf! It says a lot about you!

My new apartment is coming around. I've decided to decorate it with lots of natural materials like bamboo and with very fresh colors like leaf green and sand. It's very zen, very peaceful, which is what I need after such a hectic start of the year. :)