Wednesday, 11 February 2009

What have we here?

...clouds and sparkles, mushrooms, stripes, and nonsense
- all of the distinctly pink variety.

A fairy-ring of toadstools, and a jumble of wee houses
and contraptions (many in honor tea, of course).

[both paintings done in Oman, and pictures taken in the horrendous lighting of my hallway]

A busy (slightly nerve-wracking - I'll tell you later!) weekend ahead!
I hope you are all well.

love, cait


Creaholica said...

wauw - beautiful, I almost can't believe you make this beautiful paintings by yourselve.


Lostariel said...

Fairy rings are one of my favorites things. :)

Keep painting!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

wonderful :)

BlueRing said...

Cait my dear, so deeply sorry am I, embarrassed and ashamed also, for not commenting even though you have left me some amazing comments, even while I was away. Will you ever forgive me darling?
I shall reply from the newest to the oldest comments…

The conclusion of my trip will take a while because homework is taking over, So many nights I want to curl up in bed and cry and just give up, let me fail, but though I am a little crazy, I am not stupid.

How was your trip to Yemen? Well, it is probably all on your blog so I will just have to go and check it out sometime soon.

Volunteering has indeed been hard, but thank you for your support.

I am very much in love with the Hush Sounds, and indeed very happy that you know it was from them. A little something something will be coming your way next time I comment or post.

Henry, dashing? Oh, how happy he will be when he hears this, =D. It is a very nice feeling, comforting, to have someone who cares enough to make little surprises for one.

Yes, I am also committed to Christ. Also very nice and refreshing to hear about someone else who shares my feelings on religious and spiritual matters. Refreshing indeed!

Waiting for the one is one of the most important things for me, I would like my first and hopefully only boyfriend to think of me as completely his, no one else’s, and besides as I have said before, sooo not ready yet…AT ALL!

Well, as soon as you do start putting things on etsy I would like to be informed, though I very much doubt I could buy anything seeing as how my mother would not like it too much if I spent her money on earrings and things such as those that are not truly needed.

So pleased I am with you and your kind and truthful response to my little story. So badly I wanted to receive constructive criticism but no one gave me any and that would not help me, so when I read your comment I was so happy.

My mini story has many tweaks now…actually not too many but enough for me to think it is better. All the suggestions you gave me were taken into consideration and noted, though I had already revised and edited my mini story before I read your comment so some of the things you had said I had already done. Seeing as how I had been trying to fall asleep, and did not change anything but instead wrote what came to my mind while I lay(sp?) in bed, it was not the greatest, but it was something, no?

Well, so far those are the comments you were kind enough to leave me, which have cheered me up and given me reason to come back to blogging after such hazardous weeks of work. Thank you darling so very much.

How pretty those pictures are, of what appear to be mushroom houses and a tea party with the moon. The cupcake one with the stairs to heaven is also lovely… I just realized it is the same one, hehe.

Pink clouds and nonsense is amazing because of its simplicity, yet it makes me think of a million little wonderful things. Such pretty prettyful paintings, which I have no doubt were done by you, seeing as how you have quite an imagination.

Your cirque du solei look alike mask is so pretty, as is the peacock. My room is not my dream room, far from what I would say is my favorite room because of the style I have going on, not because it is ugly or unpleasing. However, I must say I am quite content with my room, though I wish to make some additions and changes to it sometime soon. The curtains need to be put up and they must be pretty and colorful. Very much in need of a throw, a beautiful one for my reading bowl chair.

I do not know if maybe my memory and mind are playing tricks on me again, but I do not think I knew you were in home school. Awesome to meet a fellow homeschooler even though I do virtual school.

How come you never write about clothes? Hopefully your Victorian ankle heels will indeed be posted up sometime soon.

Hmmm… peacocks? Why, if there is any particular reason other than they are so pretty with their tails? I must say that I have taken a deep girly meaning out of peacocks because though they are beautiful their feet are so ugly and that has shown me that though one can be ugly in one way, the beautiful way in which we carry ourselves, the confidence that shines through and covers the ugly, will help people see only the pretty and little of the rest… unless they are looking for something to critic you on. That was something I once wrote in a diary of mine and I re read them often and it has always stood out to me.

Many children? From the looks of things, you would be a lovely and amazing mother. The man you pick will have to be so amazing to be up on your level because you are an awesome girl who has beautiful dreams and much love. How many children? 8, 10…?

Cooking is also very fun to me, though not so relaxing if others will be eating it because I try to do everything perfectly and worry too much. Also, I try to do everything myself without help so I take too many huge bites, which then tires me out. Baking on the other hand is something I rarely do, but the few times I have done it, I can say it was a blast and I would love to do it more often.

Like a hippie?!? Pictures please!!! How come you say you dress like a granny?

Oh I am also encouraged greatly by the book of 1st John, though Timothy 1 and 2 also call out to me because of all the youth references he makes. Revelation is also very moving if you go really in depth and try to comprehend everything, to find the true meaning of the prophecies.
Sara Gazarec… haven’t heard of her, but will check her out.

Trousers? Oh, pants… I am quite comfortable in both, though I wish I could wear skirts more often outside of church. The thing is I do not think I would be able to pull off the look if I did.

Tea=amazing…no matter what kind.
There are a few exceptions but those are just terribly disgusting and it is almost as if they were trying to make it yucky, the rest are wonderful.

Your macaroons came out so yummy and delicious looking, it is making me hungry.

By the way, I must say you are so good at drawing too. The drawing of the girl on top of the mountain is so pretty. The dress’ detail is amazing, all the lines on it…wonderfully done.

Also, on January 17 you put up a picture and I think it is you, though I am not so sure. Very pretty. The wide eyes, with such defined eyebrows… the dark hair complementing the gray skin, and the flowers on the top of the might-be-shirt-might-be-dress, all beautiful. The hair which is not in a neat bun but rather a messy and care free looking bun, ties it together with a pink bow.

I believe those are all the posts I have missed and I did not wish to leave them unread.

No need to reply as long as I did… I am just happy with your sweet and sincere comments.

Hope you have a rather beautiful and fascinating week, though you did say it would be hectic. Not too bad, is it?


p.s. word verification code is tessne... it is something of a mix between tennesse and tennis. Though it sounds like you would say tetnis shot.

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

thank you for the comment :)

happy v-day to you too!


i am going to do a post on it a bit later...

it may be over for you though...sorry :(

oh, the door! i actually did it myself when i was bored...glad you like it... :)

<3 lise

willynillywaterlily said...

I just love your paintings! You're an amazing artist!

Staceydotdot said...

These new paintings are gorgeous! They are just what that hallway needs! ;)
They are bright and lovely! And I love the stripes! :)

the tea drinking english rose said...

ohh it looks rather sweet to live there. in teeny red painted toadstool houses with carefully painted white spots.
sometimes i wished i did.

ohh cait. it sounded like your valentine's was perfect. did you have more fun?
i hope you did the same today on sunday. dancing around your room.