Wednesday, 25 February 2009

In Which I Almost Die

Well, not really - but at least almost break an arm.

We had a
lovely time in Bahrain with our friends. Bahrain is so much calmer than Dubai (though of course I love home).
They took us to an amusement park, which was fun, apart from the above mentioned incident. There was a ride similar to the classic Dumbo ride, with cars on arms that rotated around a center and went up and down. This one, however, went up and down considerably faster, and I was the only one in my car, and thus slid all over the place. By the middle of the ride I was lying across the seat, legs flying out, arms wrapped around the handles on the higher side, screaming and certain I was going to fall out! It was very frightening.
They stopped the ride and asked if I was ok (how kind), and then kept my car still while the ride went on for another five minutes.

But really, we very much enjoyed our visit and the time with good friends!!

Here is Ava Gardner, whom I mentioned in the last post. I would really like to see Show Boat and her other old films.



Creaholica said...

hihi - i know what you mean. sounds like a really nice day! and it are beautiful photographs.

Lostariel said...

Wow... that's intense.

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

hey cait,
how are you...i haven't talked to you in like forever!

i was just really busy and barely go the time to post, let alone comment :)

hope everything is well...sounds like a fun day that you had ^_^

take care dear

<3 lise

Milkberry said...

I'm glad you're okay Cait!

Staceydotdot said...

Wow! youre day sounded ing Cait!
Just had to comment as I loooooooooooove Ava Gardiner!!! Shes so classic!