Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Sara and I successfully made the elusive macarons!
(Inspired in part by Milkberry and MarmeeCraft). This is the excellent recipe we used.
After one utterly failed attempt, these turned out rich and pretty.

I was so excited - when we peeked into the oven near the end I screamed "they have feet!" and we jumped up and down. They are filled with chocolate cream, some with a raspberry tint. Later this week before Sara returns to Michigan, we hope to make orange zest filling as well. I see a new hobby forming.

I am thrilled to be reading Nie's own posts again.
Her recovery is still long, but she is back and healing and sharing.

love, cait


Tizzalicious said...

Yum! They look good!

Creaholica said...

yes I agree.

They look really good!

erin meagan said...

those look completely delicious!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

mmm...those look yummy!

and i gave you an award :)leurnae

Nathalia said...

I want one! lovely blog too:)

Staceydotdot said...

Thats so cool!

Now you have to learn to make pink ones! ;)



Gledwood said...

ooo they look lovely: they had them in the patisserie the other day when I had coffee with my Mum in Paddington Station and pigeons somehow snuck in and were strutting about the floor of this upstairs cafe: no word of a lie...