Thursday, 19 February 2009

Show Boat

My grandmother is here for a visit (and always brings fresh Seattle spring flowers), and we have had lots of guests lately. On Saturday night my sister and I go to Bahrain for a few days to see old friends.

Life these days has just been...happy. For no reason. I'm just very glad by God's grace (Ok, so there is a reason then).

This song has been stuck in my head for a week - I love
old broadway! (and how can you beat Ava Gardner?)

I'm going to go make macarons again...of the tiramisu variety. Coffee shells and deep dark toffee chocolate filling. Last week it was bright pink with chocolate filling. Mmm. I really need to learn more ganache filling recipes. But then, there's nothing wrong with chocolate over and over again is there?

love, Cait

(our own Dubai flowers)


Milkberry said...

Cait please take photos of your macarons!!

Lostariel said...

I love flowers...

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

i love macaroons!
and those flowers!
take care cait, and stay wonderful :)

sending you love


jwpraisegod said...

I don't normally leave comments on your blog, Cait. Perhaps because there is no need for my words when you write such beautiful words. Or perhaps because I know once I start commenting I'll never stop! But from the day you gave me the link to this wonderful site I've faithfully followed it.
It always seems to cheer me up, or brighten my day when I check back at in company with sparkles. Your baking makes me hungry! And your breathe robbing artistic skills leave me in awe. But most of all my favourite part of your blog is your brightly colored joyous photos! Nothing catches my eye more than this.
Keep up with the brilliant work, Cait.
I shall be praying for you and dear, Ky. May you two be greatly blessed with an absolutely wonderful trip!

Creaholica said...

beautiful colourful photographs.

and i hope making the macaroons went well!


Creaholica said...

i'm glad to hear :) - yes indeed it really was. If I could give you a break I did.. Unfortunately, I can't.. hihi