Saturday, 7 February 2009


[sherri dupree of eisley]

my dear Lise of A Fairytale Unlike Any Other has tagged me to write ten things about myself.

1. I never write about clothes, but I just bought the most lovely Victorian style ankle heels ever, and will need to post a picture of them eventually.
2. I am very behind on photographing new paintings, hence my blog suffers.
3. I love peacocks. Decorating with them, putting feathers in my hair, drawing them. I was just given a very kitsch, very fun red tin thermos with a peacock design on it. Now I just need my own kitchen.
4. I would love to have a large family and hope to be blessed with many children someday.
5. Cooking and baking is fun and relaxing for me, with my family or alone.
6. I used to dress like a hippy, now I dress like a Granny...perhaps somewhere in between.
7. I am incredibly encouraged by the book of 1st John.
8. Sara Gazarec's music is constantly stuck in my head!
9. I am not very comfortable wearing trousers. I love love love skirts. Floor length, swishy knee-skirts, anything.
10. I used to hate Rooibos tea and now I love it. And (almost) any other kind of tea.



the tea drinking english rose said...

oh my! how lovely your ten things are!
beautiful nd true.

i adore to wear skirts, when i must wear jeans i feel all tight and boyish.
oh and peacocks are truly a thing of beauty.

oh your comment was lovely. two new tea shops. beautiful. i bet you cannot wait, they sound wonderful.


Creaholica said...

like it - like it.
nice things! (:

Autumn said...

I really like the lighting in that picture.
Your thermos sounds wonderful.
I wear skirts all the time too. Sort of retro/hippy/granny.
I hope you will be blessed with a large family!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

i love hippies, and dressing like them :)

Raspberry Muffins said...

Thank-you for your very sweet comment. Was there a movie made about him, I must look it up.

By the way, congratulations on your macaroon success, they look bakery perfect.

xx Felicity.