Sunday, 22 March 2009

Macaron Weekend

Since Friday was Macaron Day in France, on Saturday I made white macarons with a filling of lemon curd with vanilla buttercream. The flecks on the shells are yellow colouring as I had no lemon zest. I have yet to really get the hang of anything other than chocolate or pink - plain almond isn't working for me.

Our wonderful friend is visiting from Washington and spent a week in Paris - so he brought us some macarons! They are from 'La Maison Du Chocolat,' and look (and taste) perfectly lovely.



Tizzalicious said...

Hmmm, they look so good!

PopCookie said...

They look sooo yummy!Please come here and bring me one!

Creaholica said...

ooooh they look really good! if i am honest - i've never eat one. but if i see this, i really need to. hihi

oooh after six months.. so you don't remember a lot of things about it i guess? I don't know, just everytime I am in Spain.. I am just so happy and.. Yes I guess it's because of the culture.

Sara said...

I gave you an award :)