Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Perfect Cat

This is Sunny. She is also known as The Perfect Cat.
This is somewhat a sardonic nickname.

She is also referred to as 'Sunny Bunny,' largely by my sister and I.

I almost always call her 'my Sunny' instead of just 'Sunny.' That is weird.

She has the most personality I have ever seen in a cat.

I sing You Are My Sunshine to her. (like this.)

She eats her food out of her paw, or picks up pieces, sets them on the floor, and then eats them. (after batting them into her water dish, letting them soak, and taking them out again) I kid you not!

She likes to drink my paint-water, and I try to tell her it's unhealthy but she doesn't listen.

It scares her when I wear long dresses, which is a lot.

She likes to lie across the keyboard. Like, right now.

cait (and my Sunny)