Monday, 9 March 2009

The Wonderland Profiles

First I hadn't painted. Then I didn't have the camera. Then I was just a bad art-blogger. But here finally are some recent creations! They're terribly unclear photos (uploaded badly), so I apologize.

bare and dark, detailed and pastel

This is a little plaque with my favourite Tenniel Alice illustration decoupaged onto it. I love Alice! ...and have a sudden severe desire to go to Disney World again.

I'm somewhat sick, so today was filled with guests, interesting phone calls, the beginning of a The Importance of Being Earnest essay, tea, Godspell, and Vitamin C.

love; Cait


Lizzie said...

My dear Cait,
Your paintings are so dreamlike and inspiring! I absolutely love them!
I'm sorry to hear you were sick. I was sick today too. I hope you begin to feel better very soon!
Love you!

Daniƫlle said...


(Your link is on my blog!)

60-60 said...

Nice painting! they are gorgeous!