Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A New Pasttime

I have begun some scrapbooking as a way to use pictures creatively and make a beautiful as well as lasting memory. I by no means am a proficient, nor do I have good supplies (so expensive) but here are a couple pages, from Oman, Holland in the summer, and Sara's visit. My favourite page I cannot show you because it's of the children in Khasab! Oh well - they make anything adorable.
Mine are nothing like amazing 'real' scrapbookers and art-journallers like Kara, Mandi, or Dani, more just using pretty paper to do something more than pictures in clear sleeves. Still fun!

Do you scrapbook, or even print photos? I only print the ones chosen for my scrapbook. Otherwise everything would be stuck on the computer forever. We have boxes and boxes of old printed film photos, and even those aren't all in albums! I'm not sure which is harder to keep track of.

love, Cait


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

i tried scrapbooking over the summer, and decided that i just don't have the patience or creativity to do it...

but your work is very nice :)

keep it up!

diane said...

I like the burgers the best, they're calling to me, haha.

in company with sparkles said...

Haha! I suppose macarons do look like burgers.

Creaholica said...

Are you really born in Spain! :O Oh, I am in love with that country.. could you speak Spanish?

I use scrapbooking the same way. But I also print photos for on my wall. I have one wall completely covered with photographs of moments I don't want to forget.

nice post! (:

Poshhh said...

aw those are beautiful...i love scrapbooking..good luck with your new hobby