Tuesday, 24 March 2009

a strangely shrunken version

This drawing is significantly larger and more detailed in reality, but what can you do?
It's another celebration of the amazing Rapidograph pens.
How have your weeks been? Things are nice here - fun, but not too busy - before the insanity that is Annie begins on Thursday night. We spent a lovely evening at another family's house for dinner. It's not yet too hot at twilight, so we sat outside under their tree with lights in it.

(click to enlarge)

with love,


Indie.Tea said...

It is quite lovely...

Pixie July said...

Your blog is just beautiful - I love everything, from the title to your exquisite drawings! I especially like this one, even though I usually prefer colourful pictures... there's just something magical about it. And I'm so glad you did my 'show your heart' tag! Yours is lovely, I hadn't seen that painting before, so thank you! xxx

evita nuh said...

waaaw i love love your draw! :D it's beautiful! I love to draw too but I'm not as good as you, hope one day I will.

Is that you in profile picture? waaw you are so pretty!

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