Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tarsem's Vision of The Fall

Having finally seen The Fall, I can tell you that it is an incredible, beautiful piece of visual art. The cinematography is unusual, exotic, colourful, and aesthetically phenomenal.
The movie itself I have not yet decided about! I love the bizarreness of the story, and will have to watch it again to catch more and understand it. However, I can't quite figure out yet if I like it! I will write more about the film itself after thinking about it.
Do you know of any movies like that?
Catinca Untaru, the little actress, is such a darling and so good.
And Justine Waddell (Princess Evelyn) is my favourite actress.

What films have you seen lately?
love, Cait


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

yesterday i saw pan's labyrinth...great movie. you can tell the effects are all fake, but the story just distracts you from all the fakeness

Creaholica said...

haven't seen that movie, but it looks nice.. may be i am going to watch it to.

last time i've watched a lot of movies. like: dance with wolves, ps i love you, and other movies.. i like to watch all kind of movies! Except scary movies, like horror.. no that's nothing for me - hihi

nice pictures!

Lostariel said...

What is The Fall about?