Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Making a House a Home

I love looking at photos of beautifully done houses, and it always makes me think about how much I'll enjoy setting up my own home someday. I have a little collection of pictures (which is constantly growing!) of rooms that stuck with me; usually Victorian or eclectic and quirky. Here are a few of them, and many more to come!

What styles do you like? If you have your own house, what inspires you with it?
love, Cait

photos mostly from other blogs or The Selby; I am unable to keep track of the sources but none are mine.


Milkberry said...

I actually LOVE victorian styles, with a pinch of neo quirk. However, hubby doesn't seem to because he loves clean lines and retro colors. we have an understanding with each other, so it's a mix and match between retro, swedish-style (think IKEA) and a dash of neo-victorian haha :D

Creaholica said...

oh. WAUW really beautiful. I really love vintage. And things which remind me at the sea, summer and holiday.

That why I have a white floor in my room, I don't know why that reminds me at the summer..

Anyway, yes! I am intrested to work with disabled people. But, in combination with sport. To help them comming back in the society... something like that. That's what I'd like to study next year. But also people with mental problems..


danilouwho said...

ohhh these are seriously so inspiring!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

interior design is one of my many passions :)

it just fills me with such joy to see beautifully done homes

erin meagan said...

i love tons of them.

Poshhh said...

i love that colorful house with the couple on the stairs...i would definitely have such a mix of clashing colors, ideally i'd love to have things that i picked up from different tag sales and thrift shops so everything is different and has its own little story.. xo

Sprinkle said...

I will comment on this SPECTACULAR post later, darling, but for now I must go... I just wanted you to know that I tagged you! :]

erin meagan said...

In reply to your comment, I'd probably like to go to England and New York.

willynillywaterlily said...

Oh, your style is just like mine! A bit eclectic with a touch of romance. Thanks for sharing the photos!