Tuesday, 22 December 2009


After seeing some birdcage inspired handmade ornaments, I was itching to try free-handing some birdcages on the sewing machine, much like Ruby (Cakies) does with her crowns and dollhouses. I had to come up with some final, nice gifts for one of the girls in my well group, so I jumped at the chance and made her a birdcage pillow, with a felted sparrow to match. Thankfully I think she liked it, and I was happy with how it turned out and want to experiment more.

The Christmas tea was this afternoon, and went reasonably well despite miscommunication and miscounting. We just hurriedly arranged a third pretty little table and fit all 25 in. Hospitality is about spontaneity too, right? In all the rush I didn't photograph the table beforehand, but I might write more about it later.
What are your last few days before Christmas filled with?



LeAnna said...

Hospitality should be made of spontaneity, if you ask me. Love those pillows, you did a great job. Thankfully we're just kind of taking it easy these last few days before Christmas. Enjoying the fact that it's Little Man's first and all. :) Christmas blessings to you, sweet sister!

Elena said...

I love the pillow! It's just dripping with possibilities :) I've been wanting to make some throw pillows, so thank you for the idea.

Oh, please post some pictures soon! I'm sure your guests were blessed by your creative, spontaneous preparations :)

I hope you are doing well.

Brette of the Wood said...

dear cait,
i LOVE the birdcages! ahh! as soon as I saw it I thought "I LOVE THAT". :) Thank you....I am sooo excited. I will be using art as a means to relate to the peoples there, and probably be teaching some english. We can receive mail (tho it takes 3 weeks but you probly already know that), and I can send you postcards! ...speaking of, remember how I was supposed to send you something and never did? Well...it's because I'm such a good procrastinator...oops! love and miss you dearly! i wish we could celebrate christmas festivities together! Not many people nearby me get excited about the same homey artsy things.

Sara said...

I did a lot of studying but I am done with the semester now!! Yesterday was my cousin's engagement party!