Wednesday, 9 December 2009

17 -- 50

I made a scrapbook page last year that has carried on into this year. It's 50 things I love, at the age of 17. Of course there is a new one for 18, but I'm being careful of what goes on it because the year isn't even half over yet ;) It's like a thankful list, and ranges from the heart to the silly, in no meaningful order whatsoever.

Do you make lists? Do you write down your own inspiration?

Stay thankful.
Love, Cait

1. owls
2. red shoes
3. painting
4. the book of Hebrews
5. scented candles
6. iced tea from Seattle's Best
7. thunderstorms
8. Sunny
9. bright red lipstick
10. 'Wives and Daughters'
11. Haggai 2:9
12. arab cafeteria juice
13. Alice in Wonderland
14. Spurgeon, Piper, & Washer
15. MAC
16. Vanessa Valencia - A Fanciful Twist
17. clouds
18. macarons
19. little Leif
20. the Fleet Foxes
21. Robert E. Lee & Jefferson Davis
22. The Desperate Battle of the Birds
23. graduating
24. Politically incorrect history
25. Faith, John, & Hope Neal
26. pretty textured paper
27. Rupert Brooke
28. Flying Emirates!
29. sandals
30. Being Alive - Bernadette Peters
31. embroidering flowers
32. writing letters
33. giving gifts
34. hairbows
35. hope chest things
36. driving =)
37. little girl cousin hugs
38. Arizona iced tea
39. sending (real) letters
40. OSAS
41. family reunions
42. heritage
43. soy candles
44. cousins.
45. carmel macchiato
46. Washington rain
47. Pike Place buskers
48. dresses
49. being content.
50. Zechariah 3:7


Elena said...

I love lists and from looking at yours I think they are a interesting and great addition to a blog :)

Love you.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I just posted on the same thing!! Ha ha! Can't wait to read what else goes on it!


Brette of the Wood said...

i make lists, but most of them stay in my head. i've been thinking of posting a list on my blog of some of the things i want to do before i die (tho it could get quite long...), and i think your blogpost just convinced me to do it! i love owls too. :)

Shokoofeh said...

I think you are sweet. I think sweet people make lists. and well... I like to be a sweet person too and make a list!


erin meagan said...

i cannot limit myself to 50!

Sara said...

I'd love to do this! I love your list...I love lists. Period.

Autumn said...

I love your list...lists make me feel so organized.

Shaista said...

I like the idea of this list of thanks and awareness - I think I shall try it too...

LeAnna said...

This was cute! Lists are the only thing that keep me sane these days. ;)