Tuesday, 29 December 2009


This new headband/fascinator was inspired by Ruby's beautiful new stocking for one of her girls. I love everything she does, and everything having to do with felt, mixed up colors, and that perfect, mauve-ish shade of purple. So with layered circles, gathered leaves, and embroidery floss, this was put together (and the first time I wore it the flowers were safety pinned on to the headband!). It's my new favorite thing and I'm in serious danger of wearing it every day for the next month. Try something like it and show me what you come up with! You can do anything with felt.



LeAnna said...


Autumn said...

Oh, I love it! IT would be so much fun to do different shapes and colors for different holidays...like hearts, for Valentine's day!
I love the colors you chose.

Elena said...

I love it! I was just thinking about those stockings :)
You really can do anything with felt; I'll have to show you a package decoration that I got with an Anthropologie gift. It's different felt circles...a bit hard to explain so I'll just blog about it.
I love the way you positioned it on your headband.

Soné said...

oooh these are adorable really creative! i love felt!

Anonymous said...

Ah! You inspire me! I'll make something felt and send photos soon!


Jupiter Family said...

Happy New Year !!!

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Sara said...

I should DEFINITELY try this!!

Shokoofeh said...

It's adorable Cait! :-)

Happy New Year! xo

Kelsey said...

Goodness, this blogging-world is such a small world! First I noticed your name (well, who wouldn't notice a delightful handle like "in company with sparkles"??) on Jasmine Baucham's blog, then there you were again on Ruby's "cakies."
So of course I had to come right over here and check out your blog. :)

And it is too cute. really.
I love to craft as well, though I am just beginning to do so...you are an inspiration!

I browsed around your older posts, and I must say, I agree with you on the driving thing (though since I'm 20 I try to act like it's no big deal:), and also totally agree on the not going to college and being at home and not having a boyfriend thing.

I love how God works in seperate people's hearts through His Word to bring them to the same conclusions. Is He not wonderful?
Anyway, glad to meet you, dearie!
your sister in the Lord,
Kelsey in MN :o)