Sunday, 13 December 2009

A few Christmas gifts have gone in the mail, but I'm feeling a bit rushed for time by now! Particularly when hoping to make most of my gifts, less than two weeks isn't much time. Do you prefer to make gifts? Or do you try to buy handmade? It's difficult to buy handmade here, but I would like that.
The adorable wreath below is Rachel Denbow's, which I'd love to make. There are no wreath forms to be found here so perhaps I'll wrangle a wire hanger into shape.



Sara said...

I wanted to make the cards but then...I have no time whatsoever!

LeAnna said...

That wreath is darling! I *try* to make some things handmade, but my patience runs low after so long. I make a lot of photography gifts, though!

erin meagan said...

i like buying and making gifts, a nice mixture.

Jennifer said...

I like making mine sometimes:) Hope your doing great!!