Saturday, 5 December 2009

Nie Does it Again

I've often told you about Nie.

Well, amidst her motherly, funny, honest-to-goodness writings, she's just posted another of her 'letters', this time to National Geographic, which I think deserves reading and cheering.

(Here to see.)

My little Boy Scout brother had a court of honor this week that was quite exceptional. Firstly because it was an Eagle Court of Honor (one of his troop members becoming an eagle, a very auspicious occasion) and secondly because it was aboard an aircraft carrier. The USS Nimitz was in the Jebel Ali Dubai harbor, and allowed the Dubai troop onto the Navy ship for the event. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we were able to explore the ship and were given a presentation by two of the squadron lieutenants. (Nate had them sign his cast ;) It was unnerving and sobering, however, to see the women working on the carrier. A noble Navy can hardly function with honor in such a time.

We've put the tree up and are listening to Christmas music by now =)
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LeAnna said...

I bet that was really quite amazing!