Sunday, 6 December 2009


November's goals were -

Paint ideas that have been floating
Prepare majority of Christmas gifts.
Bake and cook for Thanksgiving
Plan Christmas tea and give out invitations
Prepare Christmas packages (well, I did do this...but it was in the first few days of December!)
Read the pile of articles in my room
Paint my hallway turquoise.
Work on quilts
Make autumn fabric bunting
Practice pipes. a lot.
Design, make and give out tea invitations (and I did make them...but I did that only yesterday!)
Get hair trimmed (in desperate need)
Have individual time with one of the well group girls

So the majority of things did get done. Still not ideal!

For December we'll say -

- Have Christmas tea
- Complete all gifts in timely manner
- Have time with out of town guests
- Cook for out of town guests
- Scrapbook with Candace
- Practice pipes more again.
- Memorize my new song; Care Selve
- Successfully make ice cream cake
- At least buy paint for my room (This keeps getting pushed back!)
- Finish '18 before 19' list.
- Finish current book
- Find new cute, practical shoes since mine are all falling apart

We'll see if that's too ambitious. I don't think so. But I must emphasize (should you think I'm terribly lazy and underachieving) that even though I'm a horrible list writer (even though I write them every day) much more than this actually gets done each day and month! I know you're all forgiving ;)

With love,


Shokoofeh said...

Oh Cait, I always love your lists!
By the way, are you 18?!


erin meagan said...

your lists are always great!

p.s. the word verification for this comment is noses. i'm not joking.

Elena said...

Well I think that I am going to make a practice of writing lists as well! I think it brings order to my scatterbrained thoughts :)

Anonymous said...

This post made me smile... On my list of favorite things... is making lists. :) May you be successful in your December plans! Wish I were one of your out of town guests! :)