Sunday, 27 December 2009

a merry little Christmas

How was your Christmas? What was your favorite gift given?
Half of mine were planned far in advance and half were finished at the last minute.
We had our traditional cinnamon rolls for brunch and fondu for dinner.
On Christmas evening we drove out to the desert for a bonfire and carols, an annual Dubai gathering.
I received some beautiful pastry rings which I'm very excited to use. Perhaps tiramisu first - I want to make it pretty and finely stacked but not dry like the ones you buy in cafes.

In the evening as we had family worship and then read a chapter of A Christmas Carol, I was overwhelmed and awed by the blessings this year has brought. Maybe I'll write more about that later ;) God is so good.

For our parents this year, my sister had the idea to take photographs and frame them. We did the pictures on Tuesday, printed them on Wednesday, and then I framed and wrapped them before we celebrated on Thursday. They went in black frames backed with patterned cardstock, with a few lines of stitching to make the photo stand out more. These are the two we used -

And here are some of the (pretty and not so pretty) rejects. I love my brother.

with love,


Sara said...

You are lovely!! And your brother is too :)

Happy you had a merry Christmas!

Elena said...

What a great idea! I love looking at framed family photographs; it's something we are trying to get better at doing :)

LeAnna said...

How great to see pictures of you and your siblings! I bet your folks really liked the framed photos. That's one of my most favorite things to do, give photo gifts! AND, You look SO much like my husbands cousin it's crazy, I mean, you two could be twins! :)

Been meaning to ask you how things are going, if you know what I mean?! :) Be blessed this week, girly!