Friday, 18 December 2009

this outfit

makes me happy.

The perfect shoes were found at Spring last week and I wore them all weekend. I've been in love with ruffled T-straps since February, and finally snatched them. (and you need ruffled flannel for good measure, don't you?)

Christmas is in one week. Dear me! Are you ready? I'm not. There are gifts to finish and a tea to put on and make decorations and presents for. But I'm ready for the cinnamon rolls, and fondu, and wassail, and family time, and watching White Christmas, and special times of worship.

Mary was probably younger than me - isn't that amazing? She is such a role model for me. Humble, willing, wise, strong, reverent.

with love;


LeAnna said...

Adorable outfit! I love the shoes!

Shaista said...

I agree, Mary is such an incredible role model of grace and beauty and humility - but I have never heard her described her as a role model :)
Glad you got lucky with the ruffly shoes - happy Christmas dancing in them!!

Sara said...

This outfit made me happy!! I love it! It's something I would wear :D

Happy, happy holidays!!
Did the photo ever reach you? Was it safe? or dented all over?